Dos Palos

The “Dos Palos” neighborhood in North Los Altos is widely considered one of the best niche neighborhoods in the entire town. Bound by Pine Lane (north), Los Altos Avenue (east), Raquel Lane (south), and Foothill Expressway (west).  The major streets are:

  • Pine Lane
  • Torwood Lane
  • Juanita Way
  • San Domingo Way
  • Guadalupe Drive
  • Hacienda Way
  • Raquel Lane

There are 162 homes here in a wide range of sizes and ages.  Many homes have been updated and retain their original look while others have been knocked down in favor of new construction. With property values so high, the area is a popular focal point for developers.

With a limited number of homes, it’s often difficult to find a home for sale. Those that do come on the market frequently sell fast. In the current market, you can expect most homes to start at $1000/sf and go up substantially from there.

Dos Palos Los Altos CA house


The original homes were primarily built in the mid 1960s with most having a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom configuration with over 2000sf.  A handful of homes are larger or smaller.  This is a hallmark of why the area is so popular – big homes on spacious lots with somewhat contemporary styling slightly nicer than the older smaller ranch-style homes in the rest of Los Altos.

You can view a gallery of photos of the neighborhood to see the range of home styles and quality.  This neighborhood is a part of North Los Altos and there is a separate article that talks about that area in more detail.


There are many factors that influence the demand for this neighborhood. While not unique, they offer a distinct advantage as a group. Major benefits of living here include:

  • Walking distance to downtown Los Altos
  • Close to elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Generally larger homes than other areas of Los Altos
  • Annual neighborhood party on San Domingo Avenue
  • Low traffic volume – no “through” streets
  • Plenty of new construction and upgraded homes


The schools that serve the neighborhood are Santa Rita Elementary (API 957), Egan Middle (API 978), and Los Altos High School (API 875).  Los Altos schools generally rank among the best in the state of California and scores are consistently high from year to year. School scores are no longer based on the API standard. New scores based on the new standards should be available in 2016.



There are only a few homes for sale at any given time and many periods with no homes available at all.  The entire North Los Altos market has seen long dry spells with extremely low inventory.  If there are no homes for sale, there may be homes available “off MLS”.  Contact us with any questions regarding your search.