Los Altos

The town of Los Altos has a long, rich history with a lot of fascinating stories to be told.  I grew up in Los Altos and to some degree is really hasn’t changed much in terms of how it feels.  The town has always focused on having what can best be described as classic, old-fashioned, small town charm.  As the years have gone by, the downtown in particular has evolved a bit to include businesses and restaurants contemporary residents want – Starbucks, First & Main Sports Lounge, Verizon Store, etc.  It’s taken some time to see the town grow up but it’s been well worth it.

People considering moving here will often ask what the “draw” is.  Why makes it so appealing?  You’d be surprised but I think it comes down to a combination of things that are not quite clear.  To me, and what I’ve heard over the years, the somewhat rural feel of the streets (there are almost no sidewalks) is appealing.  They’re wide and unassuming.  Drive down View Street and you’ll see a $10 million mansion next to a $2 million rancher.  It’s as if the place is designed for the “Gentleman Farmer” as much as the high-tech entrepreneur.

The streets set the tone for the town which offers a mix of condos, townhouses, ranch-style homes, and luxury estates on lots as small as a few thousand feet to an acre.  That variation means we have a wide range of residents as well.  From the newly wealthy high-tech folks to long-time residents who remember the town as mostly orchards.  It’s the eclectic mix of people that make this town…fun.  While we also get the small town feel, there is a certain cosmopolitan feel to the inhabitants.  Those I’ve know come from a wide range of backgrounds and places, all of whom have chosen to make Los Altos their home.

Would you like to know more about the history of Los Altos, where the town is going, and what it’s like to live here?  Get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to tell you more.