Seller’s Guide

Selling a home is just one part of a much larger process that involves changing your life. It’s important to us that you know we understand the bigger picture. Our focus is on helping you with more than just the sale of your home, but the entire process of moving you and your life from one place to another.

We see this as a series of steps in which we serve as your trusted adviser and advocate. The first of these steps is having a plan.


Step 1: Planning Consultation

We all meet to discuss your needs in detail to understand what else, in relation to the move, needs to be addressed. This is when we talk about the logistics of moving and what we can do to make it “turn key”. The goal from these discussions is to have a detailed plan of what we do to make the process of moving your life as smooth and effortless, for you, as possible.

Step 2: Preparing You to Move

Long before preparing you home, we need to prepare you. That includes everything from packing to identifying where you’ll go. Knowing you destination and making sure everything is prepared to go there is just as important as preparing the home to sell. We’ll help with as much of this as you need.

Step 3: Preparing the Home to Sell

Now is when we work on the details of repairs, remodeling, landscaping, and whatever else is needed to make your home shine. Once we’ve done all we can, we bring in our team of marketing professionals to stage, photograph, and more to create world-class adverting content. Visit our marketing strategy page for details on this.

North Los Altos home

Step 4: Marketing

Our marketing is both creative and intelligent. We do whatever we can to connect with buyers and their agents around the world. We’ll update you regularly on what we do and how we do it so you understand the great lengths we go to get buyers.

Step 5: Negotiation

There are nuances to the negotiating process in real estate that even the most savvy business professional doesn’t understand. You’ll find our expertise in the behavior of both agents and buyers works to your advantage as we negotiate a price and terms that exceed your expectations.

Step 6: Lifetime Support

We believe in long-term relationships with our clients. We’ve been with you through this life-changing process and will be with you after the home is sold. Speak with us about our Concierge Program and what we can offer you.